Tathaastu - a dream, an effort, an endeavour and now...a life!,
of two beautiful minds. An amalgamation of a strong human feeling,
a gentle thought, a pious motive, by charismatic personalities is...TATHAASTU. Dreams, everybody has them, some with open eyes, and some when they are sleeping
away all their worries of the world. There are personalities who treat dreams as just, dreams.
There are personalities who live their dreams, because destiny wanted them to.
There are people who love to dream because, in their dreams they are,
what they actually are not. All in all, a dream is a state of mind in which a
person does not believe, as either they are IN IT or just watching it pass by.


The workshop is interactive and combination of Lecture, Inspiration, Exercises
and Guidance towards manifestation.

• What and how about the LAW of ATTRACTION
• Process to Apply it in your life
• 68 seconds miracle
• Attitude of Gratitude
• Thoughts – How to change the way you think
• Thought travels, do you know?


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