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We at TATHAASTU, try to make you catch your dreams, make you
realise that what is being experienced by you was a dream come true,
and what you dream now, is an experience you can make, come true!
We have made our dreams come true, and we strongly believe that so can you.
All humans were created equal, so what is it that has done them apart?!
Some believed in what they dreamt but some just let them pass by,
as just dreams. We have worked towards, holding on to our dreams and,
we want the world to know how! We are living the dream we saw once, and we want
the world to know how!!We are happy that we came out with a dream, because now,
we are IN IT, and we want you to know how!!!
WHAT THE WORLD SAYS : “Stop dreaming and face reality...”
WANT TO KNOW WHAT WE, AT TATHAASTU, SAY :“Keep dreaming, and make it a reality!”

There is an old English saying : Never worry for the delay in success, as construction
of ‘wonders’ takes more time than ordinary buildings....But what are the tools with
which one makes these ‘wonders’, come to us we’ll let you them all.
If only Newton knew the ‘LAWS of ATTRACTION’, as we know them, he wouldn’t
have said ‘what goes up, comes down’. As for us, what can go up was meant to go
up, and the Laws Of Attraction helps them stay up. Did we tell you, we teach the
“If a drop of water falls in a lake, it looses identity, but if it falls on a leaf of lotus, it
turns into a pearl”.......just what we want to tell in our WORKSHOP.
Self belief can get you anything that you dream – luxuries of life, a healthy body,
a beautiful soul, a loving personality and even GOD! We make you believe in YOU,
as we know the LIFE is at its weakest
when there’s more DOUBT than TRUST, and LIFE is at its strongest, when we learn
how to TRUST in spite of the DOUBTS!!

Profession               : Tarot reader, Astrologer, Vastu-Feng shui consultant, Universal healer, face reader,                                  Hypnotherapist, Numerologist, Motivational speaker, Law of attraction coach.

Work experience      : Working currently with Indiatv on a daily show called Aaja goodluck nikale, every morning at 9:30a.m

 Worked at Sahara Samay as a tarot card reader on the show World war boundary paar.

 Worked on several shows at Sahara ncr, Sahara mp

 Working on pragya channel as a motivational speaker and healer and affirmation expert.                          

Worked with Zee cinema as a motivational speaker on a show called Lady raaj                          

Working  as relationship  expert for articles in Hindustan times.

Conducted workshops about law of attraction in several corporates & institutions like Dell computers, Miranda house, jaipuria institute of management, IMS gaziabad etc.


The workshop is interactive and combination of Lecture, Inspiration, Exercises
and Guidance towards manifestation.

• What and how about the LAW of ATTRACTION
• Process to Apply it in your life
• 68 seconds miracle
• Attitude of Gratitude
• Thoughts – How to change the way you think
• Thought travels, do you know?

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